VDC Wine showcase report

Hoppy’s Paddle Inn recently had a showcase of VDC Wines. Check out their feedback below.

Out of all of the wines from VDC that we showcased, the Aphaea Silk Rose was the most popular, followed by the Aphaea Red. The Aphaea range was so popular that we had to buy extra cases of the Aphaea Red and Aphaea Silk Rose. With regards to the Aphaea White, it was well enjoyed but unfortunately the VDC website did not have the percentages of the different cultivars in the blend and therefore we could not advise our customers on exactly what made up the blend.

The soft tannin structure of the red wines above were an amazing change to the normal heavy red wines found in South Africa. These wines were easily drunk during the day, no matter the temperature, which made them very well received. The story behind the Black Countess entertained our customers and made them enjoy the wine so much more and that therefore made the Black Countess the most popular out of the red wines. The Syrah and the Cabernet Sauvignon were still very popular as it reminded our customers of French style wines owing to their earthy characteristics and the oaky flavours that were transfered into the wine from the wood contact.

Just like the Black Countess in the Reds, The Four White legs’ story was fascinating and our customers felt as if they were going back in time when tasting the wine. Out of the white wines though, it was not the most popular, as the Pinot Gris took that honour with our customers and that was partly because of how rare it is to find a 100% Pinot Gris as well as because the Pinot Gris was a delicious wine.

Many of our customers were amazed by your use of the Flex Cubes to mature your wine and how it influences the taste of your wines. The use of the Flex Cubes has made your wine have a very unique taste compared to other wines in South Africa and has made your estate stand out.

From us all at Hoppy’s Paddle Inn we would like to wish you luck on your further vintages and that your wines continue to be so well enjoyed by everyone.

Come experience our wines for yourself in our tasting room.

Our wines were also featured in Lust auf Genuss, to view the insert please click here.